Monday, August 8, 2011

Band-Aids Are Essential


These are some Ocean City photos (captured by my phone) from the past weekend. I had an amazing time with two of my closest friends, Manda and Shadiah. We were all so appreciative to have the time together and we decided we need to do more getaways.

The weekend consisted of wonderful seafood, relaxing beaches, sunshine, palm trees with string lights, refreshing adult beverages, and lots of laughter. Another weekend necessity turned out to be a box of Band-Aids. After a long day of "horsing around" in the bay, we found our feet cut up, scraped, and hurting. Even though we looked like a sad bunch limping around after Friday, I think we all agree the wounds were well worth it.

I have more photos to share from the weekend so be sure to check back. Good day!


  1. Laura! Is that SEACRETS I spot? I just discovered it myself last weekend and feel that is is quite possibly the greatest place on earth.

  2. It is! We had so much fun there on Friday. Let's plan a trip back next summer :)