Saturday, August 13, 2011


Sorry for the brief Thursday & Friday absence. Above are photos from what was taking place during that time. Thursday night, I went into the city with Erin and Lyndsay to see a free Deer Tick show at Pier 54. Afterwards, we ventured to Fat Cat to play some shuffleboard, pool, and drink $3 PBRs. I know this seems crazy, but I was feeling a bit old for the scene. The bar was packed with younger NYU students who were super put together and wearing fake glasses. A lot of the guys there seemed to be on the prowl and were constantly walking around eyeing up females left and right. Blah.

Friday we awoke for a lovely brunch (what if I want dinner?!?) at Mud. Then on our way to the subway, I spotted someone. There was a man hanging out a door at the fire station we were passing-someone I recognized. We ran into a good friend's boyfriend! He let us into the station, gave us clothes to dress up in for a photoshoot and let us use the bathroom. What a guy! Ally, you are a lucky gal. 

Our second and last stop of the day was in Williamsburg at Surf Bar. Complete with sand floors and surfboard benches, this was a perfect venue for a silly time. When the three of us get together, we always have a silly time. I did expect to hear some great surf rock music, but it turned out they only were playing Michael Jackson on repeat. Maybe next time?

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