Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Green

Shirt and shoes from Target. Pants from Loft.

I wore this outfit to work last week and felt really great in it. My office is somewhat casual so I figured I could dress these pants up with a pair of heels. I always try and wear heels to work now because I feel more professional (and like an actual adult) when I do. Also, it gives me an excuse to buy WAY more shoes than I ever will need. By the way, isn't it pathetic that these "nude" shoes are tanner than my own skin? Pale alert!

I figured an outdoor setting was only appropriate for these photos. I shot them about two blocks from my apartment on a humid day (so excuse the hair). I have really been making a conscious effort to be more aware of what is around me and what would be interesting as a background. Making these outfit posts interesting is going to be harder than I thought. So if you have any suggestions on new and exciting places for me to experiment with, please share!


  1. such a cute and simple outfit.. love it!

  2. remember when those tootsies got sun poisoning in florida? yikes! miss you :) can't wait til you're in LA...will find some GREAT places to shoot your fashionz