Monday, November 7, 2011

When is the Next Race?

I am very happy to say that Shadiah and I successfully completed our first race ever! We managed to achieve both our goals: to run it completely without walking and to finish within 55 minutes. The race was a total of 5 miles and began a little north of Pier Village. The wind was incredibly strong on Saturday morning and it was extremely cold. I ended up running in three layers of shirts just to keep warm. The course was an out and back type (which I found out I am NOT a fan of) because it can be discouraging. Running to a distance, turning around, and knowing exactly how much further you still need to run.

Shadiah and I kept the same pace the entire race. We made a deal that we would finish together no matter what. And we did! We crossed the finish line with exactly the same time. The last mile and a half was very tough as we were running to the finish line into the wind. But we did it. And we plan to run some more races in the spring.

I have never been a fast person. I had set a goal for running the 5 in 55 minutes. As we crossed the finish line, I was pleased to see we had done it in 52 minutes! You may be thinking how slow this is, but I am darn proud! I know that we can work on our 10:17 pace but that's not bad for our first ever race. Pictures will be posted to the website soon...I cannot wait to see how silly I look in them.

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  1. I'm so proud of us too!!! We set a goal and accomplished it :)