Monday, December 12, 2011

Cheery Decorations

After reading Erin's post of the lobby decorations in her apartment building, I decided I wanted to share the festive decorations that are surrounding me this holiday season. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, my siblings and I set up all of the figurines my father had in the attic. He used to do this every year with our help. Now that we are grown, busy, and two of us are out of the house, he hasn't been putting all of them up. With my parents' big move to Maryland this spring, we figured we would display them one last time. The parades of penguins and herds of rain deer are together once again. It meant a lot to us and of course to my father to see them all lit up.

In our apartment, my roommate and I decided to put up a small five foot artificial tree. We decorated it with silly ornaments and hung stockings above the bookshelf. The smallest touches really help me get into the holiday spirit. I even started wrapping gifts.

These last photos are a bit random - one is from my cube at work and the other is from the Super Foodtown parking lot. Cheers!

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  1. I love your little cube tree, and that is some serious paper art! We got a little faux 6 foot one for apt too it puts me in the best mood :)

    Happy Holidays!