Monday, January 9, 2012


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Hipster is a word I hear thrown around a lot these days. My siblings and boyfriend categorized my friends and I as hipsters Christmas morning. At first, I was offended and denied it to the fullest. I guess whenever I used the term, I used it with a negative contention. Once it was brought to my attention, I really began to evaluate what this label meant. First I googled the definition of hipster to understand exactly what it meant.

hip·ster [hip-ster]: Hipsters like to perceive themselves as being highly creative, intelligent, thoughtful, and witty. Rejecting the common fads of consumerism, hipsters don't like to ingratiate themselves to thoughtless consuming and prefer to show their independence by making choices that deliberately reflect their desire to openly make cultural statements, whether it's through the coffee they drink, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the way they decorate their living space, or even down to the vocabulary they use. Think "indie" culture and "bohemian" style.

Doesn't seem so bad right? If making our own clothes, listening to fun music, brewing our own beer, and writing a blog is hipster-esque, then I'm happy to be one!

Ironically, this guide on Wikihow says:

Try social forums. Female hipsters love to use Blogspot, Tumblr or Wordpress taking photos with their Holga cameras (hello...Instagram anyone?!) of cross-processed and "dreamy-like" pictures of themselves in a field, by the ocean, in forests, in their hipster rooms. Usually it is to express their desire for beautiful and soft vintage things that is reflected in their photography. A lot of them have pictures of their feet for some odd reason. If you know of a hipster girl that knows the terms "reblog" or "follow me on blogspot" then that's definitely one of the indicators of a female hipster.

I leave you now with some entries on the Top Ten Hipster Vacation Spots. Seattle, San Francisco (please see below), Burlington, Austin (I have dreamed of going to the SXSW festival), Portland, and Williamsburg. Seeeeee?! I'm no hipster!

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