Friday, January 20, 2012

Ladies Date Night

Blazer from Target / Shirt from Limited / Jeans are old /
Shoes and Clutch from Ruche / Scarf was a gift from my sister

I started this blog with every intention of photographing my outfits. I must ask fellow bloggers, how do you find the time to take pictures every day? A new blogging goal for myself is to take outfit pictures at least once a week. Oh and not to look so awkward.

I wore this outfit to dinner with my college roommate at a kebab joint last week. Please excuse the eerie, green lighting in the background.


  1. Oh I have that same clutch in teal and I am obsessed with it! You look so cute. I only take outfit pics on the weekend during dog walks really. Us workin' girls don't have the time for photoshoots before 9am, that's just insane. Good luck!


  2. love those booties!the whole outfit is put together so well! you look great. i stress myself out sometimes with finding time to take pics... now i just try and find mins in the day, but it is super hard. hope you manage to find time as will be lovely to see more!:D and i dont think you look awkward at look great!
    Rachel xx
    ps thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

  3. i love this, you are adorable! this is the same blazer, right? for some reason, i love the way it looks on other people--you look perfectly proportioned!--but i can't figure out if it works on me. maybe you are super tall? :)