Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Portland Style Wish List

Dress from Modcloth / Rainboots from Nordstrom / Bag from Nordstrom / Umbrella from Modcloth

With our Pacifc Northwest trip quickly approaching, I have been daydreaming about potential sight seeing outfits. Since we are going in April, the climate typically is mild (falling between 45 and 60 degrees) and we are hoping for limited rainfall. But I suppose some rain is a part of the experience. I'll probably end up schleping around in jeans and flats, but in my daydreams I am dressed in this beautiful outfit.

Do you plan vacation outfits in your head before packing?


  1. I try on outfits for hours about a week before...maybe it's a little ocd..but for me, it's normal.

  2. ps...i might be buying this dres...LOVE

  3. It's SUCH a good dress. I want to get it tooooo!

  4. Wow, love the boots!