Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doorways > Parks

Blouse from Gap / Sweater from H&M / Pants from J Crew / Shoes from Target (old)

I'm finding lunchtime outfit shoots to be a great excuse to get outside. The sun has been shinning this week and we have been having such pleasant weather. Instant mood lifter!

I drove to a nearby park and ironically saw this backdrop and abandoned the natural setting. Who doesn't love an attractive brick wall / doorway outfit photo?

Anyway, I realized I don't often take outfit pictures in pants. I usually am wearing a skirt or dress of some sort. I think this is because I feel less creative in pants. Does that sound crazy? I bet it does. Any tips on feeling more stylish in dress pants?


  1. i love nipping out at lunch time, it gives me a nice breather from the office! such a cute outfit and those heels look fabulous! :D

  2. That bright blue cardigan is so pretty! The brickway/doorway made a great backdrop for your photos :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. How do you photograph yourself on lunch? Do you have a tripod or something? Also I feel better in black slacks when I'm wearing leopard or bright blue shoes!


  4. I love that cardigan you have on! I love dressing up slacks with a bright colored belt. :)

  5. hello lovely, just checking you're ok as havent seen a blog post from you in a wee while xx