Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spreadsheets and Sunshine

Skirt from Francesca's / Necklace from Forever 21 / Bracelet from J Crew

Yesterday was a tough day at work. I was going cross-eyed from looking at so many spreadsheets so I decided at lunch time I needed a break. I headed out to a nearby park and decided to take some outfit pictures. The sunshine really did wonders for my soul and helped brighten my mood. For some reason, it never occurred to me before that I could take outfit pictures on lunch. I hope to continue this trend.

(Just in case you needed to see how much my spirits were lifted.)


  1. Great photos. I really like the color blocked skirt.

    Quiet Luxury

  2. Your color blocked skirt is so pretty! I love how your bracelet and necklace perfectly match the mint color of the skirt :) Taking photos during lunch is probably a great way to relax before going back to work!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Hope your day got better love! You look beautiful!

  4. I chuckled a little at this post title, I'll admit it. (: I'm glad you got to venture outside and it seems that you have found a winning solution for taking blog photos!

  5. That is a cute idea! Although I would be afraid that people would catch me....

    AND I LOVE LOVE THIS SKIRT! I just bought one from there.

  6. I am also afraid people are going to stare at me...but it didn't stop me from jumping!

  7. Oh, I would definitely need sunshine and a pretty necklace if I was staring at spreadsheets all day! You look so cute!

  8. ah! i often go take photos at lunch for a nice pick me up.

    i love that skirt- the color is great and right on trend! and your necklace goes perfectly.

  9. I have that same cross-eyed problem when I edit photos all day (I should probably mention that I'm a photographer haha). Good job giving yourself a little lunch time break! Love that skirt and necklace!